Aluminum Powder For Firework
  • Aluminum Powder For Firework
  • Aluminum Powder For Firework
  • Aluminum Powder For Firework
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Aluminum Powder For Firework

Brand jie han

Product origin shan dong

Delivery time 1week

Supply capacity 500ton per month

firework aluminium power
charters : it is produce by aluminium , the process should be aluminium ingot -melt to aluminium liquid -spray to aluminium granule - grinding to flake aluminium powder - classification - lab test - loading to package main use for firework , firecracker , explosive
advantage : more than 10years produce experience , we are produce raw material from ourselve, more easy to control quality .


Aluminum Powder For Firework

Appearance: dark -grey flake powder

Applications: mainly used in the fireworks and firecracker.explosive 

spc : active aluminium  70%  75% 80% 85%  particle size  10um 

remark :

please  do not let child touch it 

please read this remark , before use

Inflamble solid


Keep away  far from  heat source ,  heat surface ,  fire ,naked fire and other  fire source. Forbid  smoking . the  package and loading equiment  connect   ground.

Usage anti-explosion electric/ventilate/illumination ...equiment.  Wear  protect  golve/wear  protect cloth/ take  protect blinder/take  protect  mask.

Response:If get fire , should be use dry sand stop it .

Stock : put cold  ,dry , good ventilate place. Far away  fire and heat source.

Dispose:according regulation  loading  goods and use package.

Aluminium  powder for firework GB-720210-2006

This product is silver flake powder,which made from atomized aluminum particles after the·

process of dry  ball grinding protection by  nitrogen  gas protect .

Bulk density is not more than 0.6g/cm3, bulk  density is 0.9-1.0g/cm3, we can product according   to the  customers need .

specificadiow aonfor mance






Firework ,firecracker  explosive

metal content%min






active aluminium%min

85%70.75 80

bvrning speed


aluminium  powder pictures :

aluminum powder for firework

application  pictures :

dark aluminium powder

package pictures :

flake aluminium powder

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