leafing aluminum paste
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    Aluminium Paste For Autiseptic Paint

    Aluminium Paste For Autiseptic Paint

    Leafing Aluminium paste this series aluminum paste produced with high purity spherical aluminum powder using all new process .the solvent is mineral spirit .it is flake shape ,This series of leafing aluminium paste have smooth particle size distribution ,excellent coverage .Main use for industrial paint , plastic boat paint ,corrosion paint .so far we have supply some biggest paint factory in Asia .the key of application process of aluminium paste, fore pre dispersion should be use resin , ether ethaol ,the dispersion rate should be 1:1 or 1:2, during dispersion can not use high speed mixer machine , if high speed will be broken aluminium shape .we are product this type aluminum paste since last 20years , it is have very steady quality per month we are sell 500tons .

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