how to test aluminium paste quality ?

how to test aluminium paste quality ?


 Particle size  test steps

1, First pick  up  one  paper cup ,  put  0.5gram aluminium  paste ,  then put 20ML  150# solvent ,mixer well and  get dilution


2, then  open  particle size instrument ,  touch  cycle  button

3,pouring down 150# solvent , then  touch ultrasonic

4,then  open  computer  start to test

5, then  touch  document , then  touch  next  step , then  touch  normal  test  , and  confirmed

6, the instrument  will be  come out ,  it is lower concentration ,  please add  sample  ,then should be pouring down just  adjust well al slurry ,  how many  gram should be  pouring  ,  it is  depend on  shading coefficient 10-15%, then   add according ture data  ,  the  data will be show D50,  it is  final size



Solid test


1,solid test :  you  should be  pick  up  10gram  al paste from kneading machine, 2,then  use fire burn it

3,,should be give 100% burn ,  after burn then  check how many gram you  still have  ,

4,if have  6gram  then  solid is 6/10=60%




Glossy and  whitness

1,   Need use  2  paper cups (one is use for  compare), one is  write which one we want to test

2,  then  each one pick up  aluminium paste  0.5gram +xylene 0.5gram + 3gram  varish   mixer 

3, Then  use  25um roller  put   each one  al paste,  should be at same line ,then use some strengh  uniformly   scraper it

2, then   use  25um  roller as  vedieo show  then  press to plates  

then  theck glossy and whiteness , 

3, normally  we  check by eyes ,  becuase china   glossy test equiment  always  not accurate  .




 Leafing test

1, leafing test :  pick up  1.5gram al paste  +9ml   turpentine oil  need mix  10minutes until very uniform,

2,  then   pour to a  clear    tube , then  use a clear metal saw into the tube  , should be  into 8.5cm

3,then  waiting 2 minutes take out  metal saw and  check , how many  cm can be increase  at   vedieo

4.  if it  is to  7.5cm  ,then  leafing value is  7.5/8.5=88.2%

aluminium paste

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