pyrotechnic aluminum powder

pyrotechnic aluminum powder


Founded in 2017

jie  han Aluminum  powder use for  Fireworks has always been committed to making it easier for importers to source aluminum  powder from China.

Tremendous efforts has been made to achieve the goal by prioritizing our work on the aspects below:

1. Quality Control

jie han  has an inspection team, specializing in conducting independent three-phase quality inspections according to the requirements of customers except that conducted by the factories themselves and CIQ staff.

-Pre-production Phase Control:

we will be   first test  our  aluminum   powder  raw material   spherical  aluminum  powder quality  to be sure the purity  and  particle  size  is reach our  request .

-During production Phase Quality Control:

our  dry grinding  mill machine  is  full automation , we have  monitor  system , to  check  every machine  working  situation ,  we are  use classify  way  ,  to classify  difference  particle size aluminum  powder  and collect  it 

-Post production Quality Control

after we  got finished  aluminum  powder,  we will be do lab test ,  we are test way is  strictly  follow  China  product  standard ,  first we will be test aluminum  powder  size ,  active  aluminum ,  burn speed  and so on .  if all is okay  ,we will be loading to package ,

2. On-time Delivery

The goal is achieved by our following strengths

3. R&D New Products

according   the clients request , we are aslo  depend  or match  new aluminum powder,  which one  can be  reach clients request 

-Confirm and record the new products information to assure them not only in compliance with the regulations and standards but also provide customers with a clear understanding through accurate expression.


4. Price

we are product  raw material by  ourselves , so we can be  more good to control  our  cost ,  we would like  always  offer best price for all clients .  

firecracker aluminum powder

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