What is flake aluminum powder

What is flake aluminum powder


What is flake aluminum powder

Flake aluminum powder is a silver-white metallic luster powder made of metallic aluminum, which is one of the most widely used metal pigments at present. The main color of aluminum powder pigment is silver gray, commonly known as "silver powder" or "aluminum silver powder". Generally, it is divided into two categories: floating type and non-floating type, floating type is distributed only on the surface of the coating, and non-floating type is distributed throughout the coating.

Flake aluminum powder                         aluminum silver powder

Floating aluminum pigment, which is characterized by scales that can float on the surface of the carrier. The oxide film on the surface of the aluminum flake is hydrophilic, and each piece of aluminum powder is oleophobic after fatty acid coating, and it is not infiltrated in the oil coating carrier. The most widely used preparation method of flake aluminum powder pigment is ball milling. Aluminum ingots or aluminum foil as raw materials, spray powder, and then through ball milling, chemical treatment and other processes into fine scale-like powder, and then classification, surface polishing and surface modification and other post-treatment processes, in order to obtain more superior quality aluminum powder materials.

Flake aluminum powder can be used in paint, metal paint, ink, paint, to protect products or beautify the role of decoration. Used in structural metals and steel, such as factories, Bridges and towers; It is used for automobile metal shining finish paint and printing and dyeing products. The floating aluminum silver powder used for powder coating is coated with special technology, which has good white brightness and obvious chrome plating effect. In general, the finer the particle size, the more obvious the effect of chrome-plating. In traditional fireworks, metal powder such as aluminum powder or magnesium powder is added to firecrackers. These metal powder in the fireworks explosion at the same time burning to produce dazzling white light, in order to make the fireworks more gorgeous color, often to add other elements, such as sodium.

         silver powder                        Flake aluminum powder

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