• 1.RFQ For Shan Dong Jie Han Metal Material Company

      1 . are you factory or trade company ?
      we are manufacturer local in qingyang town zouping shan dong
      2 . Can you make packing and logo as client request?
      Yes we can do and follow client request
      3. What’s your MOQ?
      Usually, our MOQ is 500kg. If the quantity is too small, the sea transportation cost will be higher.Of course, if you have special needs, you can also contact us, we will do our best to meet your needs.
      4. What is your lead time ?
      After the deposit and confirm all the accessory with in 7--10days.
      5. What’s your packing ?
      Normally,standard export packing,also we can do packing as your require.
      6. What documents can you provide?
      Usually, we provide commercial invoice, packing list, BL, COA and certificate of origin. If special documents are required in your

    • 2.Operation Manual

      1. Quality:Quality and excellence is the principle of work and services
      2. Innovation:Encourage comprehensive and innovative
      3. Client:Customers (hat partners and customers to create competitive)
      4. Speed:Precise and rapid response capabilities, to play a high level of business activity
      5. Teamwork:The company's success comes from the positive contribution of colleagues and close teamwork
      6. Profit:Use of global resources, services, markets and create a reasonable profit

    • 3.How To Store Aluminum Paste ?

      Aluminum paste is one kind of metallic pigment, and widely used in daily life.
      Then its storage is very important to its good property.And then how could it be stored in a while and it is still in good property?
      1.The storage condition must be cool and airy, its temperature keeps between 10℃ to 30℃。
      2.Aluminum paste must be stored and sealed in steel can,which prevent the additive in aluminum paste from oxidation after a period, and also prevent aluminum paste from caking in a long period.
      3.Aluminum paste could not be under sunshine and high temperature condition,keeping away from water and fire. If fire, dry powder extinguisher could be suitable, water not suitable.
      4.Due to the long transportation,aluminum paste could be easily divided with solvent,therefore before using, it should be dispersed by mixer, and in this period, the mixed speed should not be fast, otherwise,it will destroy the aluminum flake and influence the final effect.
      Please follow the above policies, then the product quality is assured.

    • 4.How To Product Dark Aluminum Powder ?

      The ratio we are using is 1 : 20
      We are going to fill the 40% of the Volume of the Ball Mill with Steel Balls.
      Steel Balls measures: Between 3mm to 8 mm
      Mesh Features of the Aluminum Powders:
      +100 = 10%
      +200 = 25%
      +325 = 35%
      -325 = 30%
      Grinding Time: 24hours
      On the starting process we are going to feed the ball mill with 50 L/min constantly of air, this is for make thealuminium powder safer and lower the reactivity with the environment. Before we evacuated thealuminum powder from the ball mill, we introduce Nitrogen to cool down the temperature of the powders and make them safer. With a turbine we take out the powders and then packing.
      Other complement we could use for the process to cool down the temperature of the ball mill is to put in showers of water. then we put carbon inside , then after 24hours , dark alumium powder will be come out it is main use for firework , firecraker , explosive if need more information please contact shan dong jie han metal material co.,ltd they are major make dark aluminum powder, flake aluminum powder, aac aluminum powder , leafing aluminum paste , non leafing aluminum paste , environmetal aluminum paste

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