What is aluminium paste usage?

What is aluminium paste usage?


A Wide Range Of Aluminium Pigment Pastes

Aluminium pigment pastes are widely used in numerous applications for paints such as Roof Coatings, Marine Coatings, Protective Coatings, Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Decorative Coatings and Industrial Coatings.

Depending on the lubricant used in the milling process, the aluminium flakes obtain different characteristics. There are in general two different types of aluminium pigments, leafing grades and non-leafing grades. The leafing grades float on the surface of the coating film and the non-leafing grades are uniformly distributed in the coating film. For the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) industry or the Light Weight Concrete (LWC) industry we have a complete range of technical aluminium paste grades.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) – Light Weight Concrete

Our aluminium pastes are easy to mix in water and we have a broad range of grades to get the right hydrogen gas evaluation, pore structure, density and compressive strength. Different additives can be added to get adjusted reaction time (dwell time) to fit in any production system.


We are always ready to visit your factory for testing together with you or receiving the raw materials to be tested and verified at our own test center. Since we have experience from full scale production we can assist in any light weight concrete factory as troubleshooters or to make full-scale tests and evaluation of the process.

Coatings - Leafing Paste

Leafing pastes for coatings give chrome like effects which adds value and substance to the substrate. The coatings can also be functional such as in roof coatings that helps keep buildings cool by reflecting the sun's infrared radiation. This then helps reduce costs the use of air conditioning.

Leafing pigments get their distinctive properties from the fatty acid lubricant in the milling process. The non-wetting characteristics of the leafing pigments tends to align the flakes at the surface of the coating film and creating a bright silver finish.


Our knowledge and continuous improvements over the years have developed a range of leafing pigments with superior leafing value and very good reflectance. A wide range of solvents are available.

Coatings - Non-Leafing Paste

Non-leafing pigments can be divided into two types: corn flake or Silver Dollar.

Corn flake pigments are cost effective and provide very good coverage and a smooth metallic appearance. Silver Dollar pigments consist of individual mirror like platelets and provide superior specular effects.

Non-leafing pigments are used where good substrate and intercoat adhesion is required.

Non-leafing pigments are distributed evenly in the coating film, in contrast to the leafing pigments tendency to align at the surface. The non-leafing effect can be achieved by using unsaturated fatty acids in the milling process or by using leafing pigments with polar solvents. Non-leafing pigments gives less mirror effect in coatings compared to leafing pigments but are easier to top coat.

Our Non-leafing grades are cost effective and high brilliant pigment grades for Coil and Can-coating. They are based on corn flake technique and are characterized by good hiding powder.

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