water aqueous aluminium paste

water aqueous aluminium paste


water aqueous  aluminium  paste    it is   have leafing and non leafing 2 type ,  water aqueous aluminium  paste  used  a lots in our life .  aslo popular  in the industry .

water aqueous aluminium paste aslo name water  basic  aluminium  powder paste .

in the market , normally  have for types , one is  additive type  , one is  passivation  treatment ,  one is Sio2 cover ,  when cover by  Sio2   will  have lower   voc  and   excellent  resistance .

in fact    water aqueous  aluminium paste  have   leafing and non leafing 2 type , when you use  different  resin   , then will be  more easy  find the  different .

the water basic  aluminium  paste   use  for  our  furniture ,  home appliance .   food package  ,  cigarette  package ,  boby  toys . all  environmental type can be use that .

we have from  4um start  until to  75um .  different  shape  such as silver dollars , flake corn .

shan dong jie hand pay attention  at new  type aluminium  paste  developing .

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