how many types aluminium powder

how many types aluminium powder


the chemical  is  AL CAS NO:7429-90-5molecular  weight :26.9815

EC NO:231-072-3  melt :660degree

  normally aluminium   have such   kinds :

1 ,  finest aluminium  powder   grade

LFT1LFT2accurate 0.07~0 raw material  is   purity aluminium ingot .

main application : rocket and  military  raw material   原料是纯

2over fine aluminium  powder

FLT1FLT2accurate 16~30μm raw material  is aluminium  ingot ,main  use for  high quality car paint ,  mobile  paint ,   bike  paint

3steeling type aluminium powder

FLG1FLG2FLG3particle  sixe 0.35~0can be use recycle aluminium  to product

4flake fine aluminium  powder

grade FLX1FLX2FLX3FLX4 particle  size 0.35~0main use for firework ,  firecracker . chemical .

5aluminium magnesium  alloy powder

grade FLMY1FLMY2FLMY3FLMY4 particle  size 0.16~0can be use  recycle aluminium  to product , use for firework

6、coated aluminium  powder

main use for  rust coating , industry coating ,   firework , firecracker .


7ball mill aluminium  powder

grade FLQ1FLQ2FLQ3size 0.08~0main use for  firecracker ,  firework and so on

aluminium   powder product  process :


1 atomized way

2grinding  way

3cutting  way

4broken way


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