why aluminium paste color changed to dark

why aluminium paste color changed to dark



due to aluminium  paste  have excellent   reflective  and    glossy  metallic , so  the finished  paint film  can be   accordingly different   angle    get different   effect . 

normally  aluminium  paste use for   metallic industry paint ,  boat paint ,   coating  and so on  ,

but during   product  aluminium  paste will be easy get oxidation  or  pollute , then get dark  and lose  glossy .


totally  from  this  3ways :

1 pollute ,  during sieving aluminium  paste  ,  when have  impurity  metallic  then will make it  pollute  and get darker , lose glossy .

2  oxidation ,  during product  aluminium  past easy  get oxidation ,  valcantion  then     get darker  .

3, other additives ,  due to  add  disagree  ,during  o2   happens  react , then get darker .


aslo  have  other reason get darker .  

when you  aluminium  paste get darker , we are  suggest  such way to solved  it  ,  one is  use have antioxygen  Phosphite  , can be   active  prevent   freedom aggregation .

this  is no way   from   original  solved oxidation  problem  , but can be have  active  effect .

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