aluminium pigment

aluminium pigment


modern aluminium  pigmentpaste  is produce  in a  wet  mill  process way , however  the flake aluminium  powder is produce  in a   dry  mill process  way .

the many process  begins with  atomized aluminium  powder  with   chemical  fill to  mill  ,  after a screening and classification  process , the  aluminium  powder is come out .

the  larger  particle  size  will be give  very good  reflect  effect ,with higher scattering  at the edges .

the  selection  of particle  size  is primary  determined by the many  technology  and description  by the  D50,(average primary size ). 3um (offset printing )to 50um (high sparkle  effect ).

the aluminium  pigment used for automobile coating  ,  consumer   electrical , coil coatings, powder coating  and otehr application  offer  D50  from  8-25um .

our  aluminium  pigment   also can use for environmental  friendly  coating  systems 

our aluminium pigment  can   reduction  of volatile  organic  compous or Vos.

this can be achive by reduing the solvent  content  step by step , even to extent  of making completely solvent free coating , such as powder coatings , lower or no VOC .

leafing aluminium pigment

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